The Kronoverse Platform

The Kronoverse platform was born from solving the problems of legacy gaming and esports.

True transparency for the game mechanics and player actions creates new data opportunities for auditing player moves, player move broadcasting, analysis, and the metaverse. Using blockchain technology the Kronoverse platform can innovate the esports space by challenging the network layer of games and the future of how games are made.

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game data

Game Data

All player moves and actions are permanently stored on the blockchain and can never be altered.


What is really happening with the game rules and mechanics inside of a game. Now you can actually see why a player wins or loses down to the transactional level.
game replay

Game Replay

All past games are archived forever on the blockchain and can be replayed at any time in the future. Think of it as a never ending time capsule.
live broadcasting

Live Broadcasting

All current live games data can be broadcasted to game clients to render out live games on any device. Perfect for spectator versions of the game.
skill based tournaments

Skill Based Tournaments

Convert your competitive game into a cash cow by enabling players to compete for cash prizes. We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on making a great game.
own your items

Own Your Items

Players can now own all their items instead of the game developer. This unlocks a new economy for buying, selling, and trading your gear.
metaverse enabled

Metaverse Enabled

Create items, characters, and even game objects that can be traded just like cryptocurrency. Other game developers can utilize those assets in their game to create a true community gaming network where assets can be utilized from anywhere.


In jurisdictions where legal you can bet on specific player actions such as the next play or move a player or team makes. Anything can now be bet on since all the data is available in real-time.
universal marketplace

Universal Marketplace

Create a new economy to exchange your game items or assets. Works with any game.


The Kronoverse platform is creating state of the art technology that ushers in a new world of competitive gaming. Our technology is pushing the limit on what can be done with blockchain technology and online gaming. Gaming can evolve in a new way by creating a new protocol for items to be created and games to become trustless.

Operating as a layer one solution without utilizing side chains offers incredible benefits such as security, scalability, and immutability. Data will be truly universal and unlock new possibilities such as the gaming metaverse where only possible in science fiction. We have truly hit a moment in gaming history that will forever be changed with the introduction of the metanet.


Richard Roberts

Ron Chaimowitz

Board Advisor
Ron Chaimowitz is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of GT Interactive Software, the company that produced some of the most popular games on the globe, including Doom, Duke Nukem, Deer Hunter and Quake.

I am firmly convinced that Kronoverse’s Esports Monetization platform and their technology and vision for competitive gaming will bring new opportunities for game developers as well as new and exciting opportunities for the players. I am excited to be part of their ground breaking journey.

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

Board Advisor
Richard Roberts is the CEO of Slingo Inc, and has led turnaround of company to profitability and successful exit. Created #1 iOS, Android, and Facebook games with over 45m monthly active users.

He is also President and Board Director of Sportech PLC, has successfully launched two iGaming platforms in NJ, directed the restructure of the CT horseracing ADW, and led the purchase of the #3 daily fantasy site that transitioned to a leading B2B platform.
David Case

Ashraful Mobin

3D Animator
David Case

Rebecca Baum

Product Owner
David Case

David Case

Backend Architect
David Case

Ruhan Ahmad

Game Developer
David Case

Charles Holtzkampf

Security Advisor
David Case

Adam Kling

Founder & CEO
David Case

Campbell Flood

Audio Artist
David Case

Joao Borlido

Game Developer
David Case

Kasun Chamara

Game Developer
David Case

Jeff Tucker

Senior Developer
David Case

Leonardo Silva

Game Developer
David Case

Valeria Stoyanova

UX Specialist
David Case

Abel Dantas

Game Master


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